Use of Footymail email and fan pages:
1. Racism will not be tolerated and any instances could lead to the suspension of your account and future earning.
2. Footymail cannot be used to conduct criminal activity and where proven any instances could lead to the suspension of your account and future earning. Criminal activity may include organised violence against other fans. Instances will be reported to the police.
3. Like being at a football match inter-club banter is allowed and accepted. This includes the songs and language used at football matches (not withstanding the above), however personal cyber bullying or extreme attacks on individuals could lead to the suspension of your account and future earning.
4. Footymail cannot be used for any cyber attacks/breaches, such as for spam emails, bot networks or spreading of malware. Such instances will lead to instant closure of the account responsible with loss of all future earnings. Instances will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
5. Fan Pages – You can post any of your own pictures on your Fan or Banter pages. You can also post free copyright images, often called ‘Creative Commons“.  You cannot use any copyrighted images, such as Getty Images. 
Your Footymail account:
1. If you miss a payment your account will be suspended and you will have 30 days to resolve. After which time your account will be closed and all future earnings will be lost.
2. You need to protect your password and not give to anyone else. If you feel it has been compromised you must change it immediately.
3. All earning will be paid at the end of the month once your balance has reached £50 or currency equivalent. Your earnings are calculated monthly in arrears so that anyone who uses your referral email, the payment to you will be the end of the following month, e.g. if somebody joins on 15th May with your referral email, you will receive your earnings at the end of June. If somebody who used your referral email leaves or has their account suspended, you will cease receiving their income. Payments are per full month of membership.
4. Regardless of your earnings, you are still required to pay your monthly subscription in order to qualify for your earnings. Your subscription will not be offset against your earnings.
5. Each email account has a quota of 500MB, which is over 3000 standard emails. It is recommended that you delete unwanted emails and do not send large attachments. You will be warned when you are near your limit in order to clean it up. If you need more than 500MB, there is an additional cost of £1 per extra Gigabyte per month.
To report any breaches of these rules, to asked any question or to get support, please send an email to support@footymail.com