There are 3 key elements to Footymail, the Home and Banter Emails, the Home and Banter Fan Pages, and the Members Dashboard. See below to understand how they work.
1. EMAIL: We offer webmail, like Gmail and Hotmail, via the Roundcube web application. You can also setup your email on a smart phone. For the more corporate users we offer use of email clients, such as outlook or Office 365. All email configurations/links are sent to you once you join. The Members Dashboard also has links to tutorials to support all forms of accessing your email.
2. FAN PAGES: We use simple WordPress templates for each of your fan pages. The templates are simple to use. You can do blogs, add your own content and pictures. Again, tutorials are available on the Members Dashboard.
3. MEMBERS DASHBOARD: The members dashboard provides all details you need to manage your account and provides access details for your emails and fan pages. You can also see who has used your referral email and how much money you have earned each month. You can edit your bank account or paypal details to direct where your earning are paid, as well as managing your password.
For simplicity you will use a single strong password that gives access to your emails, fan pages and your dashboard.