Footymail is a subscription service. Currently for the 2 email addresses and 2 fan pages the UK cost is £5 per month.  However if you use somebodies referral email (their Home club email address) , your monthly subscription is reduced to £4 every month (if you need a referral email now, use If someone uses YOUR referral email they save £1 per month and you EARN £1 every month. So if four people use your referral email, you get Footymail free for every month they subscribe.  Therefore if 10 fans uses your referral email, you earn £6 every month. If you run a blog, supporters club, fanzine or other group of supporters and 200 of them use your referral email, you will earn nearly £200 EVERY MONTH!
Those of you who are good at social media or forums could earns thousands of pounds every month. This makes Footymail the only Fan Club portal where you can earn a lot of money by just being a fan.
Your referral email is your Footymail home team email address, e.g.
Footymail is available globally in more than 100 local currencies which generally equates to the equivalent of the UK subscription per month. All earnings are paid in the currency you subscribe with. Monthly subscription can be paid with Debit Card, Credit Card or Paypal.